The Existing House

When I purchased my home in 2003, it may well have been the last home under $150,000 in Corvallis. I knew it had problems so I put some money aside to fix the roof and do something with the red water. Only blocks from my ex-husband and around the corner from the co-op, Sam's Station, and bus stop - I really began to like the location.

House without window trim

We liked the house enough to stay and build a little shop (to the right of the picture above). This was supposed to help us store the tools that would be used for renovation.

In December, I started looking at the house for renovation. It was doable but difficult. We found that the main part of the house was 18x20 feet and the rest all added on. We found the home to be very deficient both in building quality and safety. In the picture below you can see the 2x4 floor joist (naughty, naughty) with the crooked beams under it. We think those may have been the skids used to move it.

2 beams - possibly skids used to move it

The roof was extended by simply plopping the new one next to it and punching a hole into the old one for attic access.

old roof with hole for attic access

But the worse part was the rat problem that started in August of 2008. It never seemed to end. In scoping our sewer, we found one such inhabitant.

Upon using OneBite to poison the rats, we regularly found dead rats in the back yard. It was time to rethink our plan to renovate.