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$2 million Oregon funds for math teacher training

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Ouch. Oregon just spent $2 million on a Math - Addition 2.pngmath workshop for 10 school districts. Oh, and that is in addition to 5 million from the National Science Foundation (NSF). For 180 participating teachers, that's $11,000 per teacher in Oregon only funds for this 3 week workshop. Even worse, it costs a total of $38,000 per teacher with the $5 million from the NSF. Granted, this is a 5 year project, so even divided by 5, the total cost per each 180 attendees is $2000 with Oregon money and $7000 with Oregon and NSF funding.

And for the Corvallis School District, they got the short end of the stick. They are given the honor of helping put it on but no Corvallis School District teachers will be participating. Oh yay.

Here, I'll only charge you $2 for this piece of advice:

Please take a look at your Oregon math standards! Oregon got a D- grade from the Thomas Fordham Institute. How about some math facts? How about teaching skills in an intelligent order? Why not look other states that have good standards - like California?

Oh, oh - here's a good one - why are you guys using crappy curriculum (Bridges Math, Everyday Math) in the elementary levels? Here's another question - do teachers actually know HOW to teach? I mean things like the benefits of choral responding, error correction, giving students immediate feedback, or even ensuring mastery before moving forward in skills that build on each other? Small groups where students are placed appropriately, anyone?

As a taxpayer and parent, I really wonder if anything will ever change.