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Corvallis Clinic - Dropping Patients

As our health care system is rather broke, I had a thought about the Samaritan Health Care system and the fact that they are sometimes tied to insurance. So what happens if you are a state employee and choose Samaritan Health HMO for your insurance but they end up sending you a "[we] find that we can no longer provide you with health care services" letter. Are you no longer able to get health care due to the fact that your insurance is tied to their services?

I suspect Samaritan Health doesn't do that for several reasons:

1. They have the emergency room and likely can't turn someone away in life and death situations
2. They have ethics
3. They can stand on their good reputation and a blogger won't faze them

The Corvallis Clinic has an Immediate Care and Ambulatory Surgical Center but those aren't really emergency rooms.

I also wonder if they can fire other family members, like my husband or my son. They are no longer treating my son as one of their pediatricians is pretty inept at diagnosing autism so that is not a problem. But I do wonder if they will stop treating my husband.

Time will tell.

As a word to the wise, if you are given the option between Corvallis Clinic and the Samaritan Family Medicine, I strongly encourage you to choose the latter. They are good at billing and listening to their patients in both Corvallis and Albany.



I have had several bad experiences at the clinic which were derogatory to my health. But that is where my Doctor is and he is very good.

I tried to get my 85 year old mother into the Corvallis Clinic and was denied because she is only on Medicare. This to me is pure discrimination, age and source of insurance. The clinic has no qualms about refusing a patient.

Corvallis Clinic is lacking in moral issues and look only at how they are making a profit. Truly a profit driven organization.

"They can stand on their good reputation and a blogger won't faze them." This is too bad. I wish I knew the blog to read about medical institutions. We have had bad experiences at the Clinic and can neither warn nor get warnings from others.

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