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Corvallis NW Realty Consultants and Ticor Title

I've just sold my mom's house. My husband, brother, sister, and 2 nieces/nephews took several weekends and days to get it in shape to sell. We did all the work ourselves and even listed it on craigslist. Fortunately, our open house was on the same day as other better advertised open houses on the same day. We actually sold the house in 3 days.

In selling by ourselves, we used NW Realty Consultants to do the paperwork after we found the buyer. It turns out my mother bought her Turner home through For-Sale-By-Owner (NW Realty Consultants) and I used their services in purchasing my house 5 years ago. We also used NW Realty Consultants to sell our Albany home. We paid an hourly rate to do the paperwork (correctly). It went very smooth.

And once again it went very smooth. As a bonus, I worked with Ticor Title in both Salem (where the house is located) and Corvallis (where I could drive down the street to sign papers). Talk about handy.

The Ticor Title in Corvallis has been in the same building for decades. It turns out Ritchey's market used to be in the same building (corner of 4th and Monroe). Apparently there was a meat counter in the back where you could buy raw steak and they could cook it up for you. Ritchey's is now located next to Rite Aide on Circle near 9th.

How did I get this back story? The NW Realty Consultant broker looked over the paperwork that I signed and gave me part of the back story. The title lady had been there for over 2 decades and also knew the story. Both have been long time Corvallis residents.

It was nice to see how a small town can keep it's small town feeling - complete with people that know each other well and know the history. I highly recommend both Connie at NW Realty and Meagan at Ticor (formerly Key).


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