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Corvallis School District - 1/2 a Million for Reading Program

Oh good Lord! 1/2 a million for a k-5 reading program for the entire school district from Houghton Mifflin. You ought to check out their website on the reading programs they offer: Houghton Mifflin Reading 2008.

Are you looking for a reading program for 2nd graders? Well we have a plethora of stuff to sell to you, I mean, offer you:

Back to School Books (3 student reader books from $9-$52 each)
Baseline Group Test ($99, not sure if one per student)
Benchmark Progress Test ($90, pack of 35)
Big Book Audio CDs ($60)
Blending Routine Cards (2 cards, $6)
Building Vocabulary Flip Chart ($66)
CTBS/SAT 9 Test Preparation ($99)
Classroom Bookshelf
Classroom Intervention Kit ($324)
Classroom Management Ready Made Manipulatives ($132)
Combination Classroom Planning Guide ($26)
Cumulative Record Card ($4.74 each, one per student)
Diagnostic Assessment of Reading (DAR)
Emerging Literacy Survey ($28 - blackline masters so they can be copied)
Home/Community Connections
Independent Activities for Classroom Management ($28 - blackline masters so they can be copied)
Instruction Charts ($450 for 3 different ones)
Instruction Transparencies/Masters and Strategy Posters ($204)
Instructional Activities for Challenge ($28)
Instructional Strategies for English Language Learners ($57)
Integrated Theme Test ($156 2 different levels)
Leveled Reading Passages Assessment Kit ($96)
Little Big Books, Levels 2.1-2.2 (set of 6 titles $52)
Phonics/Decoding Screening Test ($36)
Planning Guide for Balanced Literacy ($66)
Practice Book, 2 volumes ($13 each set)
Practice Book Teacher's Annotated Edition ($72 Blackline masters)
Reading in Science & Social Studies Flip Chart ($66)
Science/Social Studies Independent Books ($112)
Classroom Management Kit ($210)
Sound/Spelling Cards ($105)
Student Anthology ($72 each set per student)
Teacher's Assessment Handbook ($28)
Teacher's Edition (6 Themes - $348)
Theme Paperbacks Complete Set, Grade 2 (12 paperbacks, 1 copy each $99)
Theme Skills Tests ($156)
Vocabulary Readers Complete Kit ($540)
Vocabulary Readers Grade Level Set (24 titles - $90)

I love the Classroom Intervention Kit. We'll sell you actual reading instruction separately!

Their Emerging Literacy Survey AND Phonics/Decoding Screening Test is important to track student progress but a better product is freely downloadable (DIBELS), developed 1 hour away at U of O.

The Instructional Strategies for English Language Learners seems to be teacher instructional guides:

Aligned with core instruction, this handbook includes five-day lesson plans for daily language development, vocabulary and non-transferable skill instruction, and extra support blackline masters to help English language learners achieve grade-level reading.

I wonder how much of this will be supplemented by teachers purchasing extra materials out of their own pockets.