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Ebay no longer allows SRA Teacher Edition Books

Go Here for ebay's new policy disallowing reselling SRA Teacher materials on ebay.

I'd love to send ebay this email, but they cleverly have a contact us system that requires you to only complain about a specific ebay item number:

I wonder, really, if this is legal. If I own a book, a teacher's textbook, I really think I have the right to resell it. I'm curious if ebay has buckled under pressure from SRA - some of us really need to home school.

I guess the only things I can do is cancel my ebay account and advertise to the world that ebay, much like other large corporations that take advantage of consumers, should be avoided at all expenses.



I buy almost all of my presentation books from ebay. They are too costly for a homeschooler to buy new. I have to have them. It's not so much that I want to use them. I have no option due to the learning disability of my children. SRA is the only books that work. I'll also have to cancel my acct. I'd advise ebay to stiffen up and give the people what they need. If sra would not be so high in their catalog then we could afford it. We already pay taxes to schools that our children don't go to. You would think someone would cut us some slack. After all it's for the children.

I ended up creating another account after about 6 months. I lost all my feedback. It seems they still will often sell the teacher materials but a user can report it and the item can get yanked. I also use to search for used sra stuff. I've had some luck. Another good place is the DI list at University of Oregon. Occassionally people will list curriculum.

But the best thing to do, I'm not kidding, is to create our own curriculum on a collaborative site like or It's a wonderful way of "sticking it" to the gluttonous publishing and entertainment industry (Disney, MacMillian) by circumventing the whole copyright entitlement issue.

I'm guessing that of 350 million people, there are at least a few hundred thousand homeschooling parents. Of those, there are parents that have the ability, time, and motivation to create curriculum. Of those, there has to be at least one or two that have a copyright attorney in the family.

We can do it. It just takes time, persistence, reading Engelmann's Rubric to Direct Instruction, and a copyright attorney.

Middle finger to our copyright laws!!!

I have sold SRA books on Ebay with no trouble.

Yep, you're right. People are still selling SRA teacher materials on ebay. I guess they can now remove the item if someone narcs on them, however.

You can also sell DI books on Amazon.Listing your book is free so if it doesn't sell you aren't out any money.They have fees when the book sells,but just set your price to accomodate the fees.