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Educational Dogma or Educational Pedagogy

Have you ever noticed the schools are always flocking to the newest and greatest in teaching methods or curriculum? Every few years some school districts will replace their curriculum with something new. Might as well, the books are slated for replacement anyways. What's the harm?

Actually, there is harm. Firstly, the teachers will now need to acclimatize themselves to a new curriculum. This will require time (cost) and training (cost). Oh, the hidden costs of new curriculum!

Next, the curriculum will need to have in class tests created (cost). Unfortunately, this often requires each teacher to make his or her own testing (cost).

Oh wait, don't forget special needs students! The curriculum will need to be adapted to their needs and learning ability (cost).

But the biggest issue with all new curriculum is not the cost. It is the fact that over the past few years the burden of proof has shifted from "Prove it works" to "Prove it doesn't work." All these new curriculum sets from big publishers are created by copying others works, reshuffling, and occassionally pulling stuff out of their butts. They massage it into generic, unoffensive, mush in order to sell it to as many school districts and states as possible. Is it effective curriculum? Prove it doesn't work.