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Fad, Fraud, and Folly in Education

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A very interesting compilation (with cited references) as to why the education system doesn't serve our children, listen to research, and just do their own "thing."

I happen to agree with all points Dr. Kozloff makes. Brilliant man.

If you want to know my "beef" with the educational system - this is the exact reason. He makes all the points I could ever dream of.

To sum up: Why don't we just use researched teaching procedures and programs? (READ: DISTAR Direct Instruction)

I want my child to learn to read and have great comprehension - don't you? If you want your child to participate in a DISTAR program (especially reading and math) get ready for a big battle and tell the school/district to blow the dust off of the DISTAR program materials. They really should be in use!

No fads for me - I just want my kid to read.