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Free ABA Student Skills Assessment

NEEDED: Copyright Attorney interested in probono work, applied behavior analysis, verbal behavior, or effective instruction for children with autism or developmental disabilities

Ok, so as a parent or educator you can't afford an assessment/skill tracking tool for your child or student?

Why not create a Free Assessment tool that can have extras added in without infringing on intellectual property rights? Databases, spreadsheets, even extra documentation and videos could be generated by those interested in developing the tool. If you look at the way the behavioral field is set up, they are not greedy gusses. Take the research and develop a publicly accessible FREE assessment tool.

I started a section up at Wikibooks but anyone can create a module on their own and email groups or individuals to join in the development. There are so many really smart professors, professionals, parents, educators, and even friends and relatives of children and adults with autism. I wouldn't be surprised if we couldn't put this thing out in less than a year.

A possible description: This tools assists parents and educators in tracking skill levels in reading, math, science, language (broken down via Skinner's Verbal Behaviors).