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Free Stuff on My Corner

Over the past year I've been "thinning the herd" at the old homestead. By herd, I mean junk, stuff, things I don't need or use, crap, nicknaks, clutter, and in some cases, garbage.


I've put out some common items: post it notes, sticky labels, stuffed toys, wood, bricks, pictures, paintings, cleaning supplies, and lots of extra computer parts. Some uncommon items given away: complete swing set, cementing strips to put between slabs of cement, floor register, cleaning supplies, electric drill, and skill saw. One time we put a huge horizontal band saw in the back of our truck with a free sign on it. It was gone. I don't think I've had anything not go away within 2 days. Ever.

I was at it again yesterday. We put out a whole bunch of scrap wood that had been stored in the garage. It would never be used. My boyfriend wanted to throw it in the garbage. Why? I asked him, Let's just give it away at the corner. Within 2 minutes, 2 cars were angling for parking. By the next day, I got this note: