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Gadgets and Gizmos a-Plenty

I don't know what it is about gizmos in helping kids with autism but there is getting to be a bit of a list. Here's one: Child Guard - wireless monitor that alerts you when your child begins to wander off. Yes, for $30 you can keep track. Of course, this might be a little better than a child leash.

A favorite of mine is the MotivAider - This thing vibrates at timed intervals to prompt an individual to engage in a specific behavior. Dr. Taylor has some research on this gadget. Another well-known speaker poo-pooed it to the point of making fun. I then wondered myself if the thing is silly.

Now here is one that was suggested by a friend of mine: Time Scout. She told me it was for parents who (a) aren't home when their kids are or (b) don't have enough 'guts' to tell their kids to turn the tv off. Was there a message for me in that suggestion?

My favorite is the Pocket PC, a small portable computer that can be used as a scheduler, reminder alarm, list maker, and general organizer. Geek city, man.