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Helping Oregon 4th thru 12th Graders Read

In picking through the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) website, I came across an article titled Helping Non-Readers Grades 4-12 - Introduction: Options for Reading Programs. From the face of it, you can't tell it is written for Oregon. It is.

The white paper outlines programs used in Oregon public schools to help 4th through 12th graders that are not reading at grade level. That can be anything from completely illiterate to simply a very slow reader. As you can imagine, a slow reader above 4th grade is a huge disadvantage as by that time kids are expected to read to learn. The learning to read should be done by 3rd grade. Just a side note - many poor urban school are able to get their kids to read by kindergarten.

Anyhow, article gives some interesting statistics:

The latest National Association of Educational Progress (NAEP) report shows that 39 percent of fourth graders fall below a basic reading level; by twelfth grade that figure is still 23 percent. Early Intervention initiatives should impact those figures in the future, but they will not eliminate the segment of students who have significant difficulty acquiring basic reading skills, generally estimated at 20 percent (Foorman, Francis, Beeler, Winikates, & Fletcher, 1997).