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How do we demand effective curriculum?

Well here's an interesting article about a group of people that demanded that the school district use effective curriculum for failing schools.

I'm not saying it has to be a faith based group like the one in the article, just a group of concerned citizens.

It can happen. Are you listening Corvallis?

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Clinics Will Open, Officials Pledge
Interfaith group demands Polk start using its indigent health care taxes By Cary McMullen, Ledger Religion Editor

"In other business, PEACE co-chairman Clifton Dollison reported that its representatives had met with Polk County School Superintendent Gail McKinzie on three occasions in the past year to monitor results from the use of the Reading Mastery curriculum. Last year McKinzie agreed to use the curriculum in schools with low reading scores.

"The results seem very promising," Dollison said.

McKinzie was not present Monday, but by letter she agreed to PEACE requests to continue using the curriculum in the 2006-2007 school year and to continue to meet with PEACE.

Monday's meeting marked PEACE's sixth annual action meeting. The council is an interracial and interfaith organization that works on issues of community concern and presses public officials to take action to address them."