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How to Use to Fight "Fuzzy" Math

I found a series of video posts by nowthatshockey that show testimony of parents and concerned citizens against constructivist/discovery method math curriculum such as TERC math and Everyday Math. Some of it is very compelling testimony.

In the following video, a series of parents speak out at a local school board meeting against the curriculum, Investigations in Number, Data, & Space (aka TERC):

Another parent speaks out in front of the same board. Here the parent questions the use of calculators, lack of mastery of basic math facts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of single digit numbers (7+8, 16/4, 15-8, 9x6). This parent is wondering about Connected Math in middle schools because it is about 3 years behind other programs, among many other problems. He has wonderful suggestions such as adopting programs that do well in international tests:

The parents are all well spoken and horribly concerned that their children are not receiving even basic instruction. Some parents found that instruction and homework varies greatly from one class to another within the same grades and school. This was due to teachers having to backfill holes in the curriculum.

In this video, the parent compares her school to other schools not using the TERC constructivist curriculum. She claims her child could not learn basic skills in grouping in addition due to the required used of manipulatives rather than just learning the how to add two double digit numbers (23 + 43) using standard algorithms. She has since had to use outside tutoring:

Here a parent wants to bring up a concern about a consultant the district wants to hire. She wanted to present historical, public information on the consultant but because the search was underway, they wouldn't allow her to speak:

A phd in math stood up a the meeting and spoke out against TERC math. He advocates for algorithms, starting with simple all the way to the more difficult ones at the calculus and beyond.

And saving the best for last. Mr. Hockey Lover gives a powerpoint presentation of how a school board gets away with putting bad curriculum in an entire school district:



The effort to remove reform math from Ridgewood Public School System in New Jersey continues. More videos are available from the latest Board of Education meeting. Information and videos are also available at the grassroots website, www.VORMATH.INFO

It looks like the Ridgewood School System in NJ is expanding. The link above includes links to other parent blogs, radio shows, etc. This parent networking and use of the internet may have had an effect on a newly chosen superintendent declining the job offer.

This is the stuff that needs to continue and expand. Thank you for the link, I'll be watching it.