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I Won't Hold it Against You, Sara Gelser

Apparently, Sara Gelser is voting for Hillary Clinton. I agree with almost everything Sara says and does, except for this point - and I won't hold it against her. Once Obama wins, she'll see the light. Or maybe not. I noticed Darlene Hooley, a sell out, used her super delegate powers to cast her vote for Clinton *before* Oregon voted. Nice. Did someone get a post in the Clinton White House promised to them?

Which makes me wonder. Did Sara get something promised to her for coming out in favor of Clinton? I'm a woman - and damn it, it's about friggin time a woman gets voted into the White House. But Clinton, an ardent supporter of Israel (not always at the best interest of the US citizens), and part of the good old boys club (read: corporations and lobbyists), is simply not the right woman.

Come on ladies - we can better. And that better is Obama.