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Improving schools - what does that entail?

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An interesting article on Delaware schools. The reason being, the press does not say why certain schools are improving, what they are implementing, nor which groups of students are improving. How will the public, or even other schools and districts find out what is helping? Could it be that there are curriculum issues and schools don't want to shed light on them?

How are the schools improving and what curriculum are they using?

This whole issue of keeping key information from the public bugs me. How would you like the following story lines:

"Hospital finds cure to cancer" - The Delaware hospital has found a cure to a cancer. This has made administrators and patients happy.

Uh, excuse me - this article fails to mention which type of cancer, type of patient, and, oh, let's see - THE TREATMENT??

"New car gets better gas" - Delaware - A car company has developed a new car that gets really good gas mileage. Many people are happy with it.

Hmmm. Some facts are missing here. I'll have to go back to the SRA Reasoning and Writing lessons in the 2nd grade curriculum to learn about AMBIGUOUS STATEMENTS. Which car company? Which group of people are finding this car helpful? How much better gas? What technology did the car company use to improve fuel efficiency?

Maybe someday we'll actually get some real news from the papers. Can't call them NEWSpapers because they're missing something. Now what was it that they're missing?