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Medical Establishment Billing Me Before Insurance

I have avoided a certain medical establishment until my doctor moved. Now I'm with them. The doctor is great. The behemoth corporation he works for is not. I've seen a doctor 3 times in like 12 years. One of them was after I gave birth. I've seen a nurse practitioner for the "annual" pap smear - which I guess is now every 3 years.

The newest thing? They sent out a bill directly to me - BEFORE billing insurance. I called their number, gave my name and account number. I am not in the greatest of moods. I ask the lady, it is my job to bill the insurance? It was pretty obvious the insurance was not billed as their balance was $0 and mine was the entire amount.

No, was the answer. We billed very quickly after the lab. Really? No duh. Just ignore the bill.

Well I'm glad I have time to call them and follow up. If only I were older and had a health problem that kept me from calling to follow up. Wow, they may have actually received a check in the mail from both the patient and the insurance company - once they got around to billing the insurance company, that is.

I have 3 words for people, doctors, nurses, and anyone working for the for-profit corporation that is supposed to be helping people: Universal Health Care

AKA Medicare for All

Good Lord, when are people going to stand up and fight against anyone who says otherwise?