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Medical Establishment - Registered Letter Terminating Me as a Client

I had blogged about a medical establishment and thought I was getting a cease and desist letter. After thinking about it for a day, I decided to strip out their name and anything that might be taken as derogatory. The story still holds - and we still need to get rid of blood sucking, for-profit medical establishments that put their profits ahead of their patients. Good thing there is some competition so I could find another doctor.

Well the registered letter was just their official way of terminating me as a client. There needs to be respect between them and their clients and I was not respectful. I wonder if they were respectful to me when one of their doctors didn't know what autism looked like and questioned me as to why I thought my 2 year old had autism. Or the fact that they do not spend the 2 minutes needed to run screenings for some well baby visits. Or the fact that they are incompetent in drawing blood in children who barely move.

Well let me tell you that since I moved to the Mid-Valley Children's Clinic in Albany I've have no billing issues, no problems in drawing blood, and a doctor that not only listens but respects my concerns.

The weirdest thing is that both Mid Valley Children's Clinic and Samaritan Health are under the Samaritan Health system. But at the same time, all the problems have stemmed from the Corvallis Clinic. Hmm.

If only we could have a true universal system. Could you imagine these huge for-profits (and even smaller ones) going away? Under a universal system they would be accountable to you, the patient, not their stock holders. Oh Canada!


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