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The Mighty Sequoia's Fall

When I bought the house, the tiny 50 x 100 lot contained 3 very large redwoods. The first to go was the one planted right next to the garage.


That was four years ago. Sure made my house look tiny (which it is).


Then, we had the next two Giant Sequoias cut down (thanks Tim Brewer!):


It wasn't nearly as healthy as it looked:


Here is a shot as they were limbing up the trees:


The tree on the right has the climber dropping about four feet of the top:


The last tree was pulled down with strapping attached to a tree and truck. This was about 30 feet tall and made quite a boom.


An interesting picture of the 25 or foot section that broke in half when it fell (cross section):


Stumps - about 3 foot wide:


Tim and his crew cut up the tree in 14-16 inch sections. We put a free sign on it and Corvallis residents took a piece at a time until it was all gone in less than a week: