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The Monkey Boy Passes Writing Assessment

I found out last night that my son, affectionately called the "monkey boy" in the past, had passed his state writing assessment for fourth grade. "Wow," I thought. "That's pretty good." He started reading fluently just last year. I've been working from SRA's (Engelmann) Direct Instruction Reasoning and Writing for a couple of years now. He is just getting up to writing three paragraphs. Funny, the assessment was three paragraphs.

Let me tell you, I'm not convinced that he would have passed the exam (rated by 2 different individuals) without all the extra schooling that he receives after school. The SRA program has really done a nice job of slowly building the blocks necessary for language, syntax, and idea development. What a Godsend. I can just see myself helping him after school without the program in place. It wouldn't happen. I am not smart enough and don't have enough time to develop such an effective program.

Don't get me wrong, the school is teaching writing, syntax, grammar, etc. I just think his home program is more structured with lots of writing everyday so he is able to catch up to his peers. Imagine what accelerated kids would do with this program.

Unfortunately, I haven't been homeschooling in math and he didn't pass that standardized test (by a few points). So we'll try to catch up using, what else, but Direct Instruction.

Hey, when something works, stick with it.