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Notes on Tristram Smith Talk December 9, 1999

NOTE: This information was eventually published

105 kids intensive treatment
61 completed YR 01
34 completed YR 02
Replication Sites (where data is taken for this study):
NYAP - (Northwest Young Autism Project)
Raleigh, NC
Stockton, CA
University of Houston
>80% acquire receptive commands and non-verbal imitation
>50% aquire verbal imitation
~25% acquire expressive labels
Progress in 1st 3 months predicts later progress for most not all
Those starting ABA less than 2 yrs of age start slow but do better in the long run
Stimming seems to be due to escape from social interactions (according to Smith)
Yearly changes
IQ: Avg gain

12 pts in YR 01 of therapy
5 pts in YR 02 of therapy

Language: Avg gain

12 months per year

Visual spatial: Avg gain

21 months in YR 01 of therapy
6 months in YR 02 of therapy

Adaptive skills: Avg gain:

6 pts in YR 01 of therapy
2 pts in YR 02 of therapy

Motor skills not tested after 5 yrs of age, but that is what these kids tend to test hightest at

Other multi site findings

  • Intensive workshop training may be as effective as intensive clinic based treatment, but drop-outs and problems with treatment maybe more common.
  • Groups getting TEACCH or eclectic treatment may not do as well.
  • 15% normal range Weshler after 1 YR of treatment (1/2 verbal, 1/2 non-verbal)
  • 30% normal range after 2 YR of treatment on same test

Study 1: Charsson, et al.
Effects of unplanned reductions in treatment hours