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Oregon school annual yearly progress

Hmmm, so tenative Annual Yearly Progress federal school report card scores are out for Oregon. In Corvallis, the elementary and title I schools are doing well but middle and high schools not so. I probably don't understand all the hubub behind "those mean 'ol NCLB Federal govment people" but it seems to me it should be EASY to make minimal progress according to this chart from the Oregon School Board Association :

School Year English/ Language Arts Mathematics
2002-2003 40 percent 39 percent
2003-2004 40 percent 39 percent
2004-2005 50 percent 49 percent
2005-2006 50 percent 49 percent
2006-2007 50 percent 49 percent
2007-2008 60 percent 59 percent
2008-2009 60 percent 59 percent
2009-2010 60 percent 59 percent
2010-2011 70 percent 70 percent
2011-2012 80 percent 80 percent
2012-2013 90 percent 90 percent
2013-2014 100 percent 100 percen

Egads, for the next school year only 50% of the kids need to make reading and math standards? Wow, such high standards - I don't know what to do with myself. Granted, I am specifically talking about elementary schools and subgroups that need to make the 50% mark. So we are doing great if 50% of our kids are NOT reading and doing math at grade level? [please que the SNL Debbie Downer sound]OK, so put on your conspiracy tin hat. At the end of 2008, when we are voting for the next president, the requirements go up to 60%. Remember, next school year they only have to MAINTAIN the 50%. Otherwise there might be sanctions , especially for those Title I schools which receive extra funding for having 85% or more kids on free lunches. Is Oregon hoping for a change in the White House to save them from federal sanctions? Just curious....