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A Parent's Plea to Educators

"We would like those teaching methods that have proved to be effective for [my child], be used rather than those that have proven to be ineffective,

We would like the application of evidenced instructional methodology be used in the manner that the original researchers intended, unless the modifications have been checked against a baseline to establish that the modifications increase the effectiveness of the method,

We would like meaningful data to be taken and analyzed in a timely manner so that progress can be monitored and instructional decisions made on the basis of that analysis, so that progress can continue in an efficient manner, or modification made,

We would like all personnel who work with [my child] to be given ample opportunities, resources and practice to become skilled and fluent practitioners in the methods that have been rigorously evidenced to be effective with ASD students,

We would like to see Functional Behavioral Assessments/Analysis used routinely to determine the probable cause of maladaptive behaviors and Behavior plans developed on that basis that are followed, monitored for effectiveness and reevaluated if shown to be ineffective,

We would like probes and assessments done before deciding what [my child's] skill level is, what kind of learner [my child] is, what teaching method would work best for [my child], or what [my child's] potential is,

We would like [my child's] individualized education plan to be individualized so that [my child] may have the best opportunity to overcome enough... handicaps to be able to spend some time in a meaningful relationship with peers in society."

And so[my child may have a job and be productive in society as an adult :)

Regina Claypool-Frey, Eugene, OR 2004,