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The Plan to Sell ABA to Oregon Revision 1 (1999)

Originally written in 1999.

Scenario: Oregon Department of Education (ODE) does not want to hire outside consultants competent in ABA to learn and execute ABA in a competent fashion. This puts the onus on parents to learn and execute ABA for their own child and also continue to push ODE for this service delivered in a competent and intensive manner (for younger children).

Solution: Package and sell ABA to parents with children with autism (especially newly diagnosed), school districts, Regional Directors, ESDs, and Early Intervention Programs.

Prerequisite reading in order to package and sell ABA: Ideavirus (short free book available for computer and Palm/Pocket PC)


  • Create an autism community by creating an Oregon Autism Consortium
  • Solicit parents and professionals to be added to the Oregon Autism Consortium address list via a website and literature already available in Oregon (like websites, membership forms, and various organization's literature)
  • Urge the school districts, Regional Directors, ESDs, and Early Intervention Programs to mandate offering all parents the information about Oregon Autism Consortium and how to sign up
  • Merge mailing lists from current organizations into the Oregon Autism Consortium address list. Organizations will create rules as to how the mailing lists are to be used. Names and addresses will never be sold or given out. Permission will need to be gained from individuals on each list prior to merge.
  • Enhance
    • Use Erika's ABA and Parent columns (humorous and full of positive experience) to get others to submit - make it into competition to win money (this will most likely require money for the winners and for Erika - get donor or grant)
    • Create Powerpoint slides, distribute on web
  • Strengthen FEAT of Oregon
    • Continue giving free or very low priced workshops thru FEAT of Oregon
    • Create a brochure, slogan, and general literature for FEAT of Oregon, the mechanism to be used to sell ABA
      • Connect with OSU Marketing/Writing/Communications students to carry this out (internship? class project?)
      • Create Powerpoint slides, distribute on web
      • Purchase 800x600 computer projector (get donor or grant)
      • Create freely distrubuted VHS and web videos of examples of ABA - what it looks like, what it REALLY looks like (get donor or grant)
      • Upgrade FEAT of Oregon Office software to Office 2000 (get donor or grant)
    • Free or inexpensive seminars re-selling ABA from high quality "sneezers" like Dr. Horn, Dr. Edelson, Dr. Rimland, Dr. Green, Dr. Stubbs, Dr. Arick
    • See if Dr. Edelson would take his photo slides and convert to Powerpoint - will he distribute them on web for free?
    • Strengthen FEAT of Oregon by creating a National FEAT organization (help generate some operating cost money)

Wishful thinking for Corvallis - Revision 1 FEAT of Corvallis:

  1. To hire and maintain an autism professional with appropriate qualifications, talent, and communication abilities
  2. To provide parents with needed guidance from an autism professional & provide training to parents
  3. To provide direct one-on-one ABA from autism professional to children. Hours will be minimal in order to keep autism professional up-to-date on each child
  4. Assist in hiring and training of therapists
  5. To maintain a checkout library of autism/ABA learning materials for parents, therapists, and people involved (books, VHS tapes, CDs, etc)
  6. To write grants to continue the program indefinitely or until the state is able to maintain a program approved by parents/providers of children with autism
  7. To assist parents with placement
  8. To maintain and track FEAT costs within cost-cutting levels
  9. To find a way of hooking up with FEAT of Oregon
  10. To find a way of receiving state/federal monies for autism professional, materials, and school for placement of children
  11. To maintain a website for information
  12. To create an atmosphere of education, membership activities , and solidarity
  13. All attempts possible will be made to hire and find funding for autism professionals in the state of Oregon with following:

  • Speech background (certified or licensed in a state)
  • Certified in ABA
  • Masters degree in ABA, Special Ed, Early Intervention, Psychology, or related area
  • Ability to work with children, train therapists, train parents, and communicate with all
  • Salary of $60k/yr plus state-worker like benefits package