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PSU Autism Study: Critique?

Not sure how many have perused Dr. Joel Arick's "Autism Spectrum Disorders Outcome Study" but I have found a few points that are questionable in the least. I'm not a researcher nor an autism expert, but with some research coursework in my background and common sense, I hope to illustrate some points of contention.

The study is located at:

I looked at some grant monies issued to Dr. Arick's department and found it to be over $500,000. I certainly hope the entire sum did not fund this research alone but also contributed to other studies, otherwise taxpayers should be raising their eyebrows.

To start off, the main website above indicates "This five-year study is tracking the educational progress of children with autism spectrum disorder from the State of Oregon."

"All eight Oregon Regional Services, Special Education Programs were invited to nominate students for the study." Yet we don't really know how they chose the students, how they chose the teachers, nor really what training nor how much training was put forth. Is this study replicated? Nope. Did the state of Oregon pay hundreds of thousands of dollars from Oregon taxpayers to prove that their "home grown" crappy autism program seems to work on paper? Yep.

Money down the drain. Thanks ODE, PSU, and crappy ed research practices.