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Quit My Job

I've worked for the Oregon University System for almost 12 years. I finally quit in January. We were able to sell the boyfriend's house and pay off my mortgage so we have no house payments. I live in a (used to be) rat infested house so it is not fancy - about 900 sq ft. But not having the payment freed me up to quit my job and finish my elementary teacher certification program at Western Governor's University. This is a distance ed school based in Salt Lake City.

The first month felt like I was skipping work. I actually felt like I was cheating my workplace by not going in. Looking down the streets, I would look for my old boss afraid I would get in trouble. These little moments of panic soon subsided. Trying to lose weight, I started walking my dog each morning for an hour - pure bliss. It's nice to enjoy your surroundings and have time to think.

I have a couple weeks left now of WGU. With one test left and 10 papers, I will complete the academic portion. In August/September I will start demonstration teaching (student teaching) somewhere in Corvallis. The school has not been set yet.

I started down this path for a couple of reasons. First, I did not like my job. As a web programmer, it felt like I wasn't getting the exercise I needed - both mentally and physically. Second, I saw how much time and money schools put into purchasing and training for new curriculum. Why isn't it free? How many new facts, figures, concepts, and mathematical formulas are added each year? Why do teachers reinvent the wheel every year by putting together their own curriculum to meet state standards?

I hope to begin creating new curriculum this year with the use of volunteers from universities, colleges, and prison inmates. Using the copyright system for, this curriculum could borrow images and information from wikipedia, wikibooks, and the commons.

So starting in April I have my plate full. Between designing curriculum and teaching my son, I don't know how I ever had the time to work.