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Reform program aims to increase quality of USA's teachers colleges

USA TODAY, Sep 19, 2002 by Karen Thomas

'In the new model, teaching students will be introduced to classrooms early in their education, where they will be supervised and graded by three sources: the classroom teacher, a professor of education and a content specialist. After earning a four-year college degree and teaching certificate, students will enter a residency program, where their progress will be measured by the achievement gains made.'

'The Carnegie Corporation has set up a 40 million teacher education reform model that can transform teacher colleges into institutions that resemble medical schools - complete with undergraduate clinical experience and a 2 yr postgraduate residency.'

I hope something like this becomes the norm instead of the exception. If 12% of each classroom has children on an IEP, then how can we expect a teacher with no training to teach?

The article continues with 'research now shows a good teacher can trump a child's social obstacles, such as poverty or race. On the other hand, research also shows three bad teachers in a row can doom a child's education.' This can give reason as to why some kids are being pushed into Special Education just because they can't read. Maybe it also has something to do with "Whole Language" reading programs that don't have the 30 years of federally funded efficacy of Direct Instruction reading?