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Revised Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS-R)

Behavior Analysts, Inc. will release a revised version of the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS-R). The protocol and guide are two books that can help parents and educators with the process of identifying specific skills that should be the focus of intervention for a child with language delays. ABLLS also helps to determine IFSP/IEP goals and next steps.

The new revised version of the ABLLS™ includes many new task items that were not included in the previous edition. One poster on the VerbalBehavior list indicated she had heard it included more play and social targets and that some of the developmental continuum and mastery criteria for objectives have been changed.

According to an email sent to various lists, there are numerous changes in the descriptions and criterion for individual task items, as well as in the sequencing of many task items. A review of the changes can be found in the ABLLS Changes Chart. Individuals who have used the earlier version are advised to review the information regarding the changes.

Price: Protocol & Guide (combo set) $64.95/set
Protocol or Guide (separate) $39.95/each

Different Roads to Learning has the New ABLLS and is taking orders to be fulfilled at the end of June. To pre order, you can go to Different Roads to Learning and find the set on the home page.

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