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Sakuracon - Japanese Anime Convention in Seattle

In having a 12 year old boy, sometimes you have to endure what you really don't want to. In this case, I was dragged to Seattle to attend a three day convention of nerds, costumes, rock concerts, and fandom in the form of Sakura-con, an anime convention with over 14,000 people.

Calvin likes Link (from Zelda), and so naturally he dressed as the character. Remember, this is not an ordinary Link costume - it is TOON Link!


He made his own shield which was unfortunately lost.

At the convention, almost everyone dressed up as a character:


Even the stuffed animals:

The concerts varied from punk rock to a guy that sang anime show tunes along with Barry Manilow. It was loud but he loved it.

Finally, one of the voice actors and music composer/singers gave a concert, Q&A session, and autograph session. Calvin asked if what he said on about a favorite character was true. Vic Mignogna answered the question with a stir - claiming he had a fever or small pox. It caused a roar of laughter. Later that day, Calvin was able to get an autograph and picture:


All in all, the conference was pretty good, even for a mom. Vic is a pillar of honesty and goodness - the anime industry is lucky to have him. With his mother in tow, Vic gave a great singing performance and a stunning speech on religion, the anime industry, and himself.