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School Districts want to know why parents want more ABA hours

Why - According to Jennie

WHY? ;-) Gee, ask them WHY NOT? Unless your child is only a few months below his chronological age in all areas, there is not any reason for why, only why not, which I bet they could not really answer rationally.

WHY = faster acquisition of objectives means new objectives can be added. (OH NO

WHY = Because he, age unknown, has a better chance of developing play skills sooner, and that gap that widens every six months has less chance of materializing into a chasm.

WHY = Because then you can divide up your priorities and teach some things at home without worrying as much he will not get it and be over burdened, and the school is supposed to be helping all preschoolers do what typical kids do.

WHY = Because the waiting list for group homes gets ever longer, and you should not be planning for a group home, but elementary school and beyond with hope.

WHY = Because at two years old, hardly any words is only an inconvenience, but not yet disabling, and at five, it means nobody understands him and by seven, nobody is really paying attention and at ten he is as isolated as somebody who is in solitary.

WHY = Because his rights and pursuit of liberty or happiness or some sort of American theme are being jeopardized. If you live in a different country, just add the humanitarian stuff they all spit out and don't necessarily mean. It sounds good.

WHY = Because you have seen progress directly attributed to one to one work, but not a lot of evidence that the other stuff is working well.

And lastly WHY = This list can provide you with studies and testimonials and lawsuit info that proves the WHY is stronger and they need to give you a great big WHY NOT to be convincing. Unless it is Oregon, in which case they can screw you royally, and if I were you I would call the moving company today.

Jennie, not in Oregon, just care a whole lot about some parents and kids who are.