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Sicko Movie Delayed - But We Purchased Tickets!

So we went to the Corvallis Begal Cinema on opening night to watch Sicko. The tickets were purchased three days earlier. However, when we got there, the movie was not showing. I threw a fit throwing out conspiracy theories - "Begal Cinema Corporation doesn't want the film shown!"

We got 4 tickets in return for our 2. It was well deserved, when you buy on Fandango (using your email address to purchase tickets) you pay over a dollar extra for each ticket. Too bad Fandango couldn't use that same email address to inform you that the movie was canceled. Apparently you are now supposed to verify the movie is showing because there could be a delay. You know, like an airline flight.

Here's the weird thing. They had no reason. It wasn't that the film didn't arrive, the projector was broke, or that it conflicted with another movie. Geez, they had Ratatouille in two theaters. Uh huh. I asked if they sold out on the Disney film and they wouldn't admit that it did not. I got a "it's been doing very well."

Secondly, I've never heard of a full release on a movie to then become not a full release - only 3 days before the opening.

Thirdly, since when are certain movie houses delayed from showing on opening weekend but others not? I could understand a delay across all movie houses but that wasn't the case.

Finally, I would bet money that the film was sitting at the Corvallis Begal theater. The barking lot was empty at 9pm on a Friday night. The movie folk admitted that had Sicko of shown it would have helped fill up the theater.

So who up at the top of Begal sold out to ensure opening weekend didn't do well. I'm sure the stockholders will be pleased that there are angry customers.



This movie has been out for weeks--yet it still has not been shown anywhere in Central Louisiana. We will have to drive to Texas or New Orleans (3 hours away) to see it! At least no one should be able to stop it from coming to Blockbuster--I guess we'll see

We finally saw the movie the Tuesday after "opening" day. It was well worth it. There are lots of reviews on the movie so I won't go into that.

What has been interesting is the Moore - Blitzen - Gupta interviews (all on