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SMART Reading Program Dead in Lane Co

About time. I don't like people losing their jobs but when the job involves taking money from people in the form of taxes and donations for a method of teaching that DOES NOT WORK, then I don't feel so bad.

Reading to children will not teach them to read. Yes, it might interest them in reading. Yes, it might be better than having the child watch TV. Yes, reading to children is considered quality time.

But no, it takes more than that to actually have the child read. For about $15, you can get the book Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons by Engelmann. You'll see what it takes to teach 3 to 5 year olds to read. With daily short lessons, any child can read. My son, who did not know all of his letter names, learned to read anyways because, well, you need to know the sounds of the letters, not the names, in order to read.

If only the SMART program were, well, smart. Train up your volunteers and TEACH incoming kindergarteners to read. The head people should have been consultants that train the volunteers. In fact, don't have volunteers, pay them $10 an hour. You would not believe the amount of money that had been wasted in the SMART program, originally funded by Kitzhaber's huge foundation (I believe the money came from tax dollars). All incoming Kindergarteners should have been reading for that money. But our educators...