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SRA Direct Instruction Materials Cost More for Parents - up to 25%!

I am a huge DI proponent. I have invested over $3000 in USED kits including CMC A-F, R&W A-F, RM 1-6, and even SM 1-6. Yeah, I have them all. I even put together a Direct Instruction Workshop (see

However, I am finding it more and more difficult to promote SRA products to schools and parents when I am treated differently. I have a visa card. I am willing to purchase curriculum and extra materials. However, I am unwilling to pay up to 25% more than others. I tried to order a simple item, ISBN 0026846977 Math Facts Blackline Masters – cost $53.40 – but for me $71.

I hope that one day SRA will consider the value of word-of-mouth from the folks that actually use their products. Yes, parents, especially of special needs kids, use their products. Charging parents more is disrespectful and doesn’t help them sell more products. More training and information on their website would likely help sell more products to an extending customer base than simply charging them more money.

As parents, we need to email SRA and at least let them know that this is not OK. I did. I sent the message above to