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What it takes to be the parent of a child with Autism

by Marc

  1. Scientific researcher
  2. Education advocate and educator
  3. Insurance specialist
  4. Herbalist and dietitian
  5. Doctor
  6. Lawyer
  7. Indian Chief/witch Doctor
  8. Physicians assistant
  9. Expert negotiator and arbitrator (IEP) nuff said
  10. Fund raiser
  11. Political lobbyist/activist
  12. Speech and letter writer
  13. Lectures "R" us
  14. Internet explorer
  15. Book reviewer
  16. Biochemist
  17. Play date party organizer/caterer and referee
  18. Web site designer
  19. Assistive technology and software reviewer and beta tester and inventor
  20. Never ending explorer of ways to say "GOOD JOB!"
  21. Crisis intervention specialist (Talking your spouse or other parents off the tower.)
  22. Stamina of a Marathon runner. And world class speed.
  23. The defensive prowess of Bruce Lee. Wax on/Wax off.
  24. Clown (Big feet Big nose red hair the whole 9 yards.)
  25. Santa impersonator
  26. Disney movie cataloger/VCR Mechanic (Grill cheese in the VCR ect....)
  27. High angle rescue specialist (How in the heck did she get on the roof.)
  28. Get me my patch kit honey there's another hole in the wall.
  29. A good chin. You know like Rocky.
  30. You should not be able to tell or care if your having a good or bad hair day.
  31. Advertiser/campaigner (Therapist wanted flexible hours etc......)
  32. Sleep deprivation threshold of a Navy SEAL.
  33. Low sensitivity to screaming and/or loud banging noises.
  34. Man do I love to do laundry.