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What's wrong with Oregon math?

Math - Addition 1.pngIn researching Oregon standards for a paper I'm writing, I came across this article on Oregon math. It is dated for the 2005 testing year. Ouch.

Among other things, the Fordham Institute found that "students are not explicitly required to memorize the basic number facts." Now, now, we don't want those pesky rote memory things to get in the way of our "improving" math scores. I'm sure some sort of $69 per classroom math fluency program will break the Oregon bank.

Fordham also found that "The standards for fraction arithmetic lack coherence." In other words, fractions are not tested until 6th grade even though the understanding and use of fractions are required by 4th grade. I'm using Connecting Math Concepts Book C (2nd/3rd grade) and am reviewing fractions already.

High school math is horrible but I didn't review it because I'm in a Elementary Ed program.

Don't dispare, Arkansas got an F grade. Wow. But California got an A. Maybe Oregon should look south.