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Why does Arthur Academy work?

School 07.pngArthur Academy, a series of charter schools in Oregon, simply works. Why? I suspect for several reasons:

1. The school was started from scratch. See this article for benefits.

2. Chuck Arthur is a consistent person who puts in lots of hours and passion.

3. Dedicated and quality staff.

4. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Brilliant strategy of using modules to get around lots of building requirements. No frills equipment, desks, chairs, and buildings.

5. Rob Kremer. He might be a right winger but he really cares about kids - ALL kids. He is also very conservative so he wants tax payers to get the most bag for the buck.

6. Direct Instruction. If it weren't for Zig Engelmann, Doug Carnine, and Wes Becker and all the others (yes, even SRA), the quality curriculum would not make it possible for children from low socio-economic families to MASTER reading, math, writing, and even history and sciences.

All in all, it is imperative that Arthur Academy schools succeed for so many reasons: to show that ALL children can learn to mastery, to show that schoos don't have to be flashy, and to show that you can have happy and successful teachers that are not in a union.